I never did catch a fish

In London as an sia in the capital city – we’re out working and it’s mental there are riots and dystopia and pop up porn and graphic porn novel sites – I go to one and end up knocking about with col but first heather locklier who looks lush. Me and col end up getting it on.

click click click click

Its about 615. I’m at village court in my old bedroom. My parents are sitting outside after coming home from holiday- they have sun tans are in sitting on deck chairs in the drive looking up at my bedroom window: I’m listening to a pet shop boys album, go west is on, and I’m in tears at how good it is. Somewhere I’m doing chin ups and am taking part in a gladiator event – I’m the gladiator and I’m able to catch the girls up who are the top atheletes. Michael is staying over in Frances room so i have to be quiet as i get up to let the folks in and I’m going swimming with mac so I don’t have long but I go outside and am really happy to see them both and give them both hugs- dad is noticeably thinner and smaller than i remember – it feels good to hug him- and he keeps saying that it feels nice.

The night wants me like a little lost child

Moving on Today to Barstow. Not sorry to be leaving LA a real sad eye opener with so much wealth, big cars and houses but so many sad, homeless people on every public seat,park and under trees.Quite distressing and thought provoking. They don’t beg,their not intimidating or threatening and there is virtually no police presence. Society has just turned a blind eye to these people and I really feel for them.
Travelled on the underground yesterday and there’s armed guards on Every train and at every station

I’m a rattlesnake

listening to a few good men in the cinema and waiting for a new film to start whilst i eat some nuts; the woman next to me is having fish and chips and is quiet loud and as this happens I’ve brought two crabs who I’m quiet happy but nervous about letting them walk about under my seat though I’m worried where they’ll end up and if someone will either stand on them or report them. I wake up at 609 and it’s well dark. Like properly pitch black