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Its about 615. I’m at village court in my old bedroom. My parents are sitting outside after coming home from holiday- they have sun tans are in sitting on deck chairs in the drive looking up at my bedroom window: I’m listening to a pet shop boys album, go west is on, and I’m in tears at how good it is. Somewhere I’m doing chin ups and am taking part in a gladiator event – I’m the gladiator and I’m able to catch the girls up who are the top atheletes. Michael is staying over in Frances room so i have to be quiet as i get up to let the folks in and I’m going swimming with mac so I don’t have long but I go outside and am really happy to see them both and give them both hugs- dad is noticeably thinner and smaller than i remember – it feels good to hug him- and he keeps saying that it feels nice.

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