We don’t have a real war. We don’t have a gas crises. We have straight teeth, clean gums. We have personal computers, we have candles that say things like ‘live out loud’ on them, purchased from stores tha only sell candles. We can slip crisp dollars into automated slots and machines release tiny bags of processed food to us from a collection. We have violin lessons, guitar lessons, latin lessons, pottery lessons, sat tutors. We are extremely marketable. We sew ‘mean people suck’ patches on our army combats because mean people are the worst. We can walk into a bodega and select from twenty brands of cigrattes – marlboro, marlboro lights, parliament, look, camel, winson, newport. Half of them are owned by the same company that manufacturer oreos. We have no dictators. No one we have ever come in contact with has made a necklace out of human ears. We have older siblings who take semsters off from college to snowboard. We recycle. We take class trips to Washington dc, and to places in the woods with rope courses. We trust fall. We dont believe in brands. calvin klein. timberland. tommy hilfinger. We dont have to kill to eat. The only thing we have to kill is time – and time is easy to kill